Stay informed and compliant with our campground forms.



  • All campers and guests must register at the Campground Office upon arrival


  • Costs imposed by the federal, provincial or municipal governments will be added to the camping fee quoted


  • Visiting hours are from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Seasonal campers are responsible for the registration and conduct of visitors.  All overnight guests must be registered even if they are relatives.


  • Only one camping unit is permitted per site. No secondary camping trailers are permitted. This includes tent trailers. Occupant’s vehicles must be parked on the site only and not on the roadway or blocking the roadway. The visitor’s vehicle must be parked in the front parking lot.  A utility trailer/boat/second car (owned by the occupants) would be allowed on-site at the discretion of WPC Management
  • No permanent parking of vehicles or trailers in the front field


  1. Visitors are to be out by 11:00 pm
  2. Quiet hours are from 11:00 pm to 9:00 am (subject only to social functions sponsored by the Camp).  All music must be turned off. This includes in the laundry room
  3. All campfires and lights are to be out by 12:00 am
  4. Check-out time is 12:00 pm.  If extending your stay another night, please notify the Park  Office before noon (subject to availability)
  5. Alcohol is to be restricted to your campsite (subject to Provincial Liquor Laws).  You are responsible for your guests
  6. No abusive or foul language will be tolerated
  7. No bicycling after dusk. The use of approved safety helmets while bicycling in the campground is mandatory as per Provincial law.
  8. Illicit drugs will not be tolerated
  9. Pets are to be leashed and cleaned up after immediately at all times.
  10. ii)Pets are not to be left unattended at the campsite or in the trailer.
  11. Pets are allowed to stay at the camp at the discretion of the WPC Manager
  12. If a pet’s behaviour is deemed to be unsatisfactory you may be told to remove your pet from the campground immediately
  13. No fireworks or Sky lanterns shall be brought onto or set off on Camp property
  14. Garbage is to be securely bagged and tied and placed in the garbage bins located at the entrance.  You are responsible for any other garbage disposal.
  15. Campers are encouraged to use the trailer dumping station located behind the Office.  The water hose is to be used to clean the platform after every use.
  16. There are portable dumping trailers available at no charge.
  17. All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult (16+) who must stay at the pool and supervise for whatever length of time their child/children are in the pool enclosure. 
  18. The pools are for registered campers and their visitors only.
  19. Electric golf carts with proper insurance coverage are allowed at the discretion of the WPC Management and are only operated by an adult with a G or higher license. No alcohol/illicit drugs are permitted in or on any vehicle on campground property as per provincial law. All golf carts must be back at the owner’s site by midnight  7 days a week. Golf carts must remain on roadways AT ALL TIMES and are not allowed in any common areas e.g.: playground or front field, and not allowed on walking or biking trails. Any deviance from the aforementioned rules may result in camping privileges being revoked at the discretion of the WPC Management and or WPC Committee. All golf carts must have the campsite number clearly visible on both sides of the cart in minimum 3-inch numbers only drivers registered and insured on the golf cart policy can drive the golf cart.
  20. No loitering in common areas or WPC buildings e.g.: Laundry, washrooms, playgrounds
  21. ATVs will be allowed at the manager’s discretion and must be on file at the office with proper documentation. ATVs will only be allowed on prescribed routes from the occupant’s site to the front entrance at Hwy 6 any deviance from this route will cancel this agreement and the owner of the ATV will lose the right to operate the ATV on campground property. 
  22. No reptiles or exotic pets on Campground property.
  23. No firearms allowed on Campground property this also includes pellet and bb guns and any type of bow, no paintball or airsoft guns. No machetes or swords.


  1. No shrubs, trees, branches or other vegetation shall be cut or removed, and nothing shall be permanently attached to trees. 
  2. No animal runs are allowed, and dog houses must be placed at the back of the site. 
  3. Picnic tables: only one table is provided per site if required. A second table can be rented at the cost of $5.00 per day or $50.00 for the season delivered and picked up by the WPC Management. 
  4. Lights: all exterior lights, including patio lights and moonlights, must be attached to the deck or trailer only and be no longer than 25 feet in length and moon lights are to be included in the length and if placed on the grounds must be within 2 feet of the deck or trailer. 
  5. Clotheslines: clotheslines may be tied only to trees and must be at the back of the lot. 
  6. Plant hangers and bird feeders: these may be attached to your deck, railing or post and not to WPC’s trees. WPC Management will remove these items from the trees and bill your account. 
  7. Decks: Decks shall be no longer than the length of your camping trailer and no wider than one and a half times the width of your trailer, not including slide-outs or tip-outs. Decks must be built to the current Ontario building code, as a minimum. Decks shall only be constructed of wood. WPC Management must approve deck plans in writing prior to the commencement of construction. No additions to decks may be constructed without management authorization. 
  8. Satellite dishes: Satellite dishes shall only be attached to your deck or trailer. Any dishes or cables found by WPC Management that are attached to WPC property, including trees, will be removed and the bill added to your account. 
  9. Black Water Tanks: All in auxiliary holding tanks must be solid and not perforated in any way and must be capable of being pumped out. WPC staff reserve the right to advise whose tank will be pumped out and when. If your tank requires pumping prior to the general pumping, you are to advise WPC independent contractors. Those tanks not conforming should now be removed. As such any non-conforming tanks located by WPC Management will be removed and the bill added to your account.
  10. Lawn Watering: Any watering systems will be billed an extra fee of $150.00 per year to be paid on or before the last day of payment. In addition, the maximum time these systems may be operated is for 20-minute intervals either between 12:00 midnight to 1:00 am or 6:00 am to 7:00 am. Management reserves the right to prohibit lawn watering during peak water usage times. 
  11. Lawn Mowing: Lawns may only be mowed between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Lawns that are not maintained shall be attended to by WPC Management and the bill added to your account. Pine needles are to be placed by the roadside no later than June 5th, 2023. No sticks or limbs are permitted in these piles.
  12. Backflow Preventers: Each water tap is supplied with a backflow preventer so that hose water that could be contaminated cannot back up into the water supply. Some occupants have seen fit to remove these devices from their taps. If these devices are not returned to taps, WPC Management will replace them and the site occupant will be billed accordingly. Note: these preventers are crucial to the integrity of our water systems and benefit all campers. 
  13. Ladders: There shall be no outdoor storage of ladders by any occupant of the campground.
  14. Firewood: No firewood shall be brought into the campground as it could contain bugs, fungus, or other undesirables that could devastate WPC trees. You may purchase firewood at the store. Wood storage is to be neatly stacked and must be kept to one face cord (8 feet long by 4 feet high, 16 inches wide), at most. No debris is to be stored with/on the wood. 
  15. Hydro: All cords must be CSA approved for RV installation and must be of the proper size. WPC Management will remove all unapproved cords until proper ones are provided by the site occupant. No electrical outlets and/or hard wiring are allowed on any site, notwithstanding those provided in original camping units by the Manufacturer. No underground wiring unless approved by WPC Management.
  16. Carports: Carports are not allowed in any way, shape or form. Any still existing must be dismantled and the materials removed from the park as soon as possible.
  17. Add a room: Plans for these rooms must meet current Ontario Building Code standards as a minimum. Drawings must be approved, in writing, by WPC Management prior to the commencement of any construction. 
  18. Outdoor kitchens: Outdoor kitchens are not allowed  
  19. Patios: Patios must be totally portable and as such shall not be constructed with poured concrete. Patios must be no larger than 10 feet by 10 feet and only one patio per site. T)
  20. Boats and Utility Trailers: These are not to be stored on-site for the winter. 
  21. Fences: No sites are to be enclosed by any type of fences or hedging. No tarps are to be used as boundaries. If there is a problem, WPC Management will establish and mark the boundaries between sites.
  22. Sheds: There may only be one outbuilding per site. WPC Management is to approve any shed or other outbuilding, in writing, prior to the installation of the structure. All outbuildings must be prefabricated and totally portable, built to a maximum of 8 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet and contain no living/sleeping quarters or kitchen facilities. All outbuildings shall be placed behind trailers. Placement should be included in the written statement. All second or more outbuildings shall be removed. All sheds must be purchased from Whispering Pines Family Campground. 
  23. Pavilion: The Pavilion is provided for passive recreational activities only. Uses such as hockey, soccer, baseball or other active games are prohibited. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the pavilion unless approved by WPC Management and the WPC Committee. Special events may require an LLOB special events permit. The Pavilion is for Committee approved events only, all other events require management approval and a rental cost may be charged.  
  24. Storage: The trailer owner who stores his/her trailer and including all chattels, does so at the owner’s risk. WPC Management or staff will not accept any responsibility for any loss to trailers or chattels due to fire, theft, vandalism or damage howsoever caused including if WPC Management or staff is required to move/remove your trailer and chattels. 
  25. Vehicle/Trailer Washing: No pressure washing of vehicles or trailers permitted on WPC property 
  26. All seasonal sites shall be used for recreational purposes only. No business activity or the appearance of shall be conducted on the site. 
  27. Termination Clause: Camping privileges may be terminated at the discretion of WPC Management and the WPC Committee. Should this be necessary, the camper(s) will remove all personal property immediately or within a reasonable time period. If the camper must return to the Campground, they must contact WPC Management prior to entering the campgrounds and be escorted to their former site. If this is not observed, the OPP may be called. 

  28. All sites must be kept in a clean and tidy state at all times.
  29. Agreements with WPC Management are not transferable.
  30. All trailers sold while in the Campground are subject to WPC Management approval to allow for adjustments of old accounts and new rental rates to be established. If trailers are not to remain in the camp, no trailers are to be moved until all WPC accounts are paid in full. Copies of all listings and advertisements placed in the papers must be filed with WPC Management. This will alert WPC so that they have your approval they can guide people to your trailer. WPC Management will not show the inside of trailers. If you are selling a trailer more than 15 years old, check with WPC Management before advertising or making the sale. These older trailers will only be allowed to remain in the campground at the discretion of the WPC Management.
  31. Payment of all taxes assessed to any site by the Municipality or MPAC shall be the sole responsibility of the site occupant and shall be forthcoming upon written request by WPC Management or the Municipality or MPAC.
  32. We want you to fully understand that any measures required to be taken by WPC Management to correct rule infractions shall be charged to your account.
  33. Any trailers to be moved shall require one week’s notice to WPC Management and once approved shall only be moved during the time of 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Monday to Thursday and must be moved by a licensed agent.
  34. Any trees that need to be cut down to accommodate a client’s trailer will be done so at the discretion of the WPC Management and at the cost of the client.
  35. There will be no building or deliveries allowed on Sundays and only between Monday to Saturday 9 – 5 pm. No deliveries of any kind are allowed before 9:00 am and the Management must be made aware of all deliveries to your site.
  36. As of 2022 there is a moratorium on 12ft wide park models (Peaked roofs) being brought into Whispering Pines Family Campground. Any existing 12-wide park models will be grandfathered at this time.
  37. As per your Licence of Occupation there is no subletting or renting of your trailer while on WPC property.