Stay informed and compliant with our campground forms.

2024 Transient Camper Rules and Regulations

  • The renter who parks his/her camping unit at Whispering Pines Family Campground agrees that it is done entirely at his/her own risk. Whispering Pines, its management, or staff, will not except any responsibility for any loss to camping units due to fire, theft, collision, vandalism, or damage however caused. The renter hereby waives all claims against the park for damages to the goods, wares, and merchandise in, upon or about the park premises and the renter will hold the park exempted from and harmless from any damage and injury to any person arising from the use of the park by any renter, however caused. I agree that Whispering Pines Family campground is not responsible for me, my family or associates for any death, injuries suffered or loss due to theft, fire, or other causes.
  • The renter and any other occupants of the site, guests, visitors, or other persons in the park with the renter’s permission of knowledge, must be familiar with and observe the park rules and regulations as posted or published, and as amended from time to time. The attached rules will apply to everyone and violation of any one or more of them can be grounds for eviction.
  •  No food or drink within the premises of the pool. All bathers using the pool must be in proper swim attire. Do not leave anything behind within the pool premises, Whispering Pines is not liable for items that have been left behind. No pets in the pool premises.
  • If a trailer or cabin key is lost or damaged a $50.00 fee is set in place to replace the lost or damaged key
  • No smoking or vaping within 9 meters/30ft of any building, playground, or pool
  • No fireworks or sky lanterns on camp property
  • Be considerate of your neighbors. Please observe quiet hours from 11pm-8am. T. Vs, Radios Etc. must be turned down low enough to not disturb adjacent campers.
  • All campfires to be extinguished by midnight. Do not move fire pits or BBQs from their location. Campfires shall only be permitted in designated fire pits and must be kept small and always attended. Management reserves the right to forbid any fires entirely due to weather conditions.
  •  Alcohol is restricted to your campsite (subject to provincial liquor laws). Drinking and driving, Aggressive behavior, Lewd behavior or any disturbances will be grounds to call the authorities. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR GUESTS. 
  • Illicit drugs will not be tolerated, authorities will be contacted.
  •  Non-medical cannabis is limited to the renter’s campsite, be respectful of the smoke and smell to your neighbors adjacent to you. Consumption is not permitted in campground common areas such as; playgrounds, washrooms, trails, pool, or roadways. The same rules apply for cannabis as for alcohol, using cannabis and driving, Aggressive behavior, Lewd behavior or any disturbances will be grounds to call the authorities.
  •  No smoking or vaping in the WPC rentals (trailers or cabins)
  • Pets must be approved by Whispering Pines Campground; a cleaning fee is required for any of Whispering Pines Rentals.
  • Pets are to always be restrained and cleaned up immediately. Management has the right to have you remove your pet from the campground if deemed to be a problem, pets are not to be left unattended at any times.
  •  No using bicycles or scooters of any sort after dark, the use of helmets is mandatory in the park.
  •  Washrooms are for the convenience of the campers and shall be kept in a clean and tidy manner. No persons shall play in the washrooms. Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Visitors and guests are welcome; however, you are responsible for your guests. Guests and visitors will be charged a $5.00 daily fee and must leave by 11.00PM
  • Speed limit is maximum of 10 KM per hour throughout the park. All unnecessary driving is discouraged. Roadways must be always kept clear for other vehicles or emergencies. Only driving with a valid license is permitted. The same rules as on public roads apply. No persons in the back of pickup truck boxes or hanging out of cars.
  • Check in is between 2PM-9PM please notify the park office if you will be arriving any later than 9PM. Check out is NO LATER than 12PM noon. If you would like to extend your stay, please notify the park office before 10AM (subject to availability).
  • Sites must be kept neat and tidy. No debris left on campsite or may result in revoking future camping privileges. Garbage is to be securely tied and placed into the garbage bins located at the entrance. Recycling is to be placed into the designated blue bins beside the park office.
  •  REFUND POLICY: No refunds


Remember: Rules are for the benefit of yourself and the other campers to make your stay safe and enjoyable.